Specialized Seminars

“Kashaf” report: The Intensification of International Conflict in Syria and the Challenges of Reconstruction

The report includes three topics: the first includes a demonstration of the research paper, whereas the second topic is the interventions and comments made by p...

Kashaf report: Russian Policy after Sochi and Mechanisms to Deal with it

The report contains two topics: the first is a demonstration of some situation assessment papers, whereas the second discusses the interventions and comments ma...

Kashaf report: “The Challenges of Security Reform in Syria”

The event report for the “Kashaf” seminar contains three topics: a demonstration of the research papers presented in the seminar, the interventions and comments...

General Seminars

The Sixth Consultative Symposium “Internal Conflict between Revolutionary Forces: Reasons- Dangers-Remedies”

The Fifth Consultative Symposium “On the Path to Empowerment”

The Fourth Consultative Symposium (Towards a Formulation of a Project for the Syrian Revolution and Renewal Initiatives)

Third Consultative Symposium “Renewing the Syrian Revolution”